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    • where does the rune drop from? is it rare cause i been hunting the desert mob but no rune drop
    • Off hand ultimate/baruna slots have no effect anywhere, the crossed out text is just a Crimson thing to let everybody know.
    • Oppppp *time to get those baruna stuff* its the same with ult right? The rune in off hand doesnt affect anything?
    • Weapon Only need 1 rune (all basic stats STR, STA, DEX, and INT) Rune gives 5 stats that gets multiplied by weapon upgrade (e.g. if a weapon is +20, you'll get 20 * 5 = 100 stats) Small chance to dlvl when upgrade fails   Set Can also dlvl like weapons Baruna set +20 set will give you more stats than a green +10 set HP +30% All Stat +15 Hit +45% Block +15%
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