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Patch Log - Maintenance (28th Jan 2017)



Apologies for the long duration of the maintenance.

Here are all the changes of today's maintenance:


Freeze EXP:

  • EXP can now be frozen by ticking the Freeze EXP box on Status window
  • Unfreeze EXP by unticking the box



Monster Hats/Cloak:

  • Fashion Monster Hats drop from their respective monster:
    • Kalgas, Ankou, Drakul, Kahn, Keokuk, Entaness, Chiton, Duchess, Kheldor, Basilisk, Razgul (Master and Non-Master dungeon variations where appropriate)
  • Kheldor Cloak drops from Kheldor


89b90bd44c.png 5abb086a58.png 79b4170bb3.png 95810859b0.png 8aa17b4f97.png


fd84188502.png 1a2a7eac2d.png 871eb34297.png 0dc84bcfa1.png d4ce062d6c.png






  • Appropriate self-buff durations have been increased to 10 minutes
  • All level 30 mage skills apply elemental debuffs
  • Self-buffs no longer disappear on death
  • All Ringmaster buffs have the same base duration (GT and SF buff, slight Protection nerf)
  • Holyguard effect changed from +250 Magic Defense to +10% Magic Defense
  • Added duration scaling to 130 buffs
  • Increased range of Piercing Serpent (Billposter STR AoE)
  • Skill descriptions have been changed to match the effects of the skill
  • Water Well and Lightning Ram skills no longer auto max when they become available
  • Echoes of the Weary stun duration reduced
  • Removed most of the time scalings on damaging abilities with debuffs (e.g. Windfield) - fixed time duration



  • New titles for soups (consume 2000x):
    • Mild Soup Addict
    • Jalapeno Addict
    • Gunthur Chili Addict
    • Thai Pepper Addict
    • Carolina Reaper Addict
  • Requirements for titles reduced:
    • Monster hunting: 15000x reduced to 5000x
    • Food consuming: 200000x reduced to 20000x
    • Pills consuming: 30000x reduced to 3000x


Card Master:

  • Card Master has been added to Eastern Flaris to exchange cards with a low success rate
    • Exchange (B) cards for (A) cards
    • Exchange (4%) cards for (7%) cards


NPC shops:

  • Feed Bag has been added to the Pet Tamer
  • Price of Grilled Eel and Upcut Stone reduced from 5m to 2.5m
  • Price of Refresher Hold and Vital Drink X reduced from 3m to 1.5m
  • Price of FLY/FOR/FUN cards reduced from 2.5m to 1.0m
  • Price of Re-Stat reduced from 50m to 25m
  • Price of Re-Stats (single stat) reduced from 20m to 10m


Collector field:

  • Collecting rates increased for the following items:
    • Sunstone Piece
    • Moonstone Piece
    • Elixir of the Tiger
    • Elixir of the Rabbit
    • Elixir of the Fox
    • Elixir of the Lion
    • Grilled Eel
    • Upcut Stone
  • Toothed Wheel exchange added to [Collecting Manager] Collins
    • 250 Toothed Wheels and 250 Small Toothed Wheels can be exchanged for a Collecting Lucky Box
    • Collecting Lucky Box can grant you an exclusive collecting field pick-up pet: Corrupted Bear
    • Aside from the pet, the box contains useful items from the collector field






  • Couple EXP has been increased (~70 hours to go from level 1 to 21)
  • Drops for Cannibal Mammoths have been improved
  • Drops in Traseia have been improved
  • V15 jewelry drop rates from Savage Wilds, Aminus and Cursed Aminus improved
  • Linked Attack applies for the entire party when Red Scroll is running on the Party Leader
  • Moved the Party Skills icon position so it does not get overlapped by Gold interface target window
  • Lowered bow damage DEX scaling (still higher than eFlyff)
  • /staff or /gmlist can be used to view online staff members in-game


Bug Fixes:

  • Fixed collector Grilled Eel and Upcut Stones having the wrong icons
  • Added the icons for Crimson Cloak 2, 5 and 19 in the Red Chip Shop
  • Aminus Dungeon mini-bosses now drop Ultimate Legendary Golden weapons instead of normal ones
  • Meteonyker in Volcano now correctly drops all Bloody armor parts
  • Cyclops X in Volcano now correctly drops all Bloody armor parts
  • Dark Illusion no longer blocks casting self-buffs 
  • Khan no longer resets (refills HP) when Dark Illusion is used
  • Totems/Statues no longer get affected by Yo-Yo knockback
  • Hero icon has been added
  • Monster Transies no longer cause disconnects
  • Fixed an issue with mail boxes displaying wrong items
  • Fixed Lost Souls of Pick-up Pets global madrigal ground drops
  • Entrances for V18 dungeons are now functioning properly


Red Chips no longer drop from bosses under level 120
The idea for Red Chips is to define determination and dedication to Crimson FlyFF, and new players being able to power farm low-level dungeons was not something that helped to achieve this, especially now that Acrobat hit-and-run technique is possible again as Khan bosses no longer re-set to full HP after going invisible.


Sneak Peaks:

We are currently working on a Crimson Wiki, where in not too distant future you'll be able to find out everything you need to know about our server and the game itself. It's a work in progress, but here's what we have so far: link.


Regarding Bloody set parts selling price bug from earlier this week:

We understand many people are upset about this, and some other people may get highly upset about this patch too, but we had to do what was best for current players who did not manage to benefit from this as well as the players to come and the future of this server. We've calculated the amount of penya each player gained by abusing this bug and reverted the equipment the penya sunk into (depending on how much each individual gained). That being said, even though these players abused a bug, it was a mistake we've made, therefore banning them is out of the question.



Crimson Team


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