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Patch Log - Maintenance (7th Feb 2017)



Since some people seemed to have missed this last patch notes, here it is once again:

Red Chips no longer drop from bosses under level 120
The idea for Red Chips is to define determination and dedication to Crimson FlyFF, and new players being able to power farm low-level dungeons was not something that helped to achieve this, especially now that Acrobat hit-and-run technique is possible again as Khan bosses no longer re-set to full HP after going invisible.

Azria monsters added to Monster Pet Exchange:

  • 350 xc8cd285679.gifaadb459e76.png = 153044fca4.png Baby Yetti
  • 350 x9105e7c41b.gif+ aadb459e76.png = ab171e7b47.png Baby Augu
  • 350 x265ab20ce3.gifaadb459e76.png = ea259fb085.png Baby Ghost of the Forgotten Prince
  • 350 x9cb5cd3d0f.gif+ aadb459e76.png = af479bc85d.png Baby Mammoth


Monster changes:

  • Monsters are now able to walk through walls and climb smaller objects
  • Dark Traseia monsters no longer drop MP and FP potions
  • Red Meteonyker HP reduced from 100m down to 50m


Changes and improvements:

  • Parties will be set to "Public" by default to be discoverable by the party finder
  • Removed guild re-join waiting time
  • EXP Freeze now prevents the quick job change window from popping up upon killing a monster while having 99.99% EXP


General fixes:

  • Fixed piercing card removal deducting penya but sometimes not removing selected card. Players affected by this bug will be mailed the penya back to them.
  • Fixed "Blue Weapons" pet filter not working with some blue weapons
  • Security improvements
  • Numerous smaller bug fixes


Skill changes:

  • Prevention duration increased to 60 seconds
  • Enchant Absorb gives 5% Life Leech instead of a chance to heal
  • Enchant Blood chance to inflict debuff chance increased from 30% to 35%
  • Fixed casting speed of Gvur Tialla
  • Fixed Blade's Armor Penetrate and increased debuff duration
  • Increased Wind Field duration from 15 to 25 seconds
  • Electric Mastery duration adjusted to be in line with other elemental masteries
  • Psykeeper's Cruicio Spell duration adjusted to be in line with INT Mastery
  • Halved the cost of Master skills
  • Nerfed Bloody Strike's life leech strength


  • Removed a few "no-walk" zones around flying rocks in Traseia
  • Fixed Les Britannia S and La Christiana A floor texture flashing black
  • Small tweaks to Flaris



  • Ranking no longer displays staff members
  • Ranking no longer displays banned/investigated players
  • Ranking correctly prioritizes Master job classes over normal levels (e.g.: 80M > 105)



Crimson Team


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