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Valentine's Day Patch Log - Maintenance (14th Feb 2017)



It's that time of the week again! /laugh

And conveniently enough, it also happened to be Valentine's Day yesterday, which of course means an event!




Valentine's Day Event

For the next 7 days (until next maintenance), all masquerpets level 20 and above will be dropping 438ba20aeb.png Valentine's Day Lucky Boxes.

These boxes contain random items ranging from Heart Cookies to help you out on your adventures on Crimson FlyFF, through consumables such as Milk Chocolate, Love Chocolate, Balloons, and up to an exclusive to this event pick-up pet Love Bear!


Wilds, Savage Wilds, and Volcano monsters added to Monster Pet Exchange

If you've been following recent patch notes, you might have noticed a pattern here; we're slowly adding all possible monsters with existing quest items to Monster Pet Exchange. You can look forward to seeing more of those cute cuddly friends in the very near future. /catface

A whole new 9 pick-up pets are now up for grabs by combining the required amount of specific Quest Items with a Lost Soul of Pick-up Pets aadb459e76.png 


 3e081c9076.png  f8c7f73061.png  a7f4e27c70.png ca5ca9d41b.png  36a13f4a5d.png  3ffb9d404c.png  1618665152.png  770bd54d5d.png  d69a6916c4.png



Guild Siege and Base Defender times

To cater for the vast majority of our players, we have revised and adjusted opening times of Guild Siege and Base Defender. Please note that all of those are subject to change. All times are GMT+1 (server time):

  • Guild Siege
    • Wednesday 20:00
    • Saturday 20:00
  • Base Defender
    • Tuesday 20:00
    • Friday 20:00



  • Quest items eligible for Monster Pet Exchange now have a tooltip detailing requirements
  • Guild Siege and Base Defender will send a global reminder 30 minutes before they start
  • Increased stat values on dual statted items to match single stat values (+3/6/9 instead of +1/2/3)
  • Unique to Ultimate weapon conversion added back to BoBoChan
  • Adjusted Azria drops to be slightly more in line with Traseia drops
  • Killing monsters below your own level will drop less penya
  • Security improvements



  • Fixed a bug where voting would sometimes not award any vote points
  • Fixed some monsters, giants, and bosses not dropping penya
  • Fixed first weapon attacks sometimes not dealing damage
  • Fixed party members appearing on the map (M) where they shouldn't
  • Fixed text colors on Gold interface



  • Fixed damage over time skill SFXs (Merkaba, Flame Arrow, Burning Field)
  • Fixed level 30 magician skill elemental debuffs
  • Acrobat's Arrow Rain damage over time debuff tick speed increased from every 2s to 1.5s
  • Elementor's Burning Field INT multiplier increased from 2 to 3.5, removed debuff time scaling
  • Ringmaster's Merkaba Hazelrusha cooldown increased from 3s to 5s
  • Psykeeper's Psychic Square cooldown decreased from 12s to 10s
  • Master skills cooldown reduced from 5s to 1s
  • Corrected descriptions to match actual skill effects


Happy Valentine's Day from Crimson Team /love


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